We are Fairwater™

Distribution. This is our passion. Putting great brands on the market is what drives us. Whether it is a new brand or an existing brand. We will find the right channel for it!

Wat kunnen wij voor onze distributiepartners betekenen?

Wat doen we voor onze klanten?

Wij kopen jouw producten op

We are happy to buy products in the event of EAN switches or overproduction. In consultation we determine where we sell it: abroad, on the ethnic market or to market places. Thanks to our large network and our storage capacity, we can act quickly.



“Jij hebt geen zorgen meer”

We put your product on the market

Do you want to tap into new channels and market your product in a good way? We can help determine the route-to-market for export, wholesale, market places and other specific channels. We offer repack solutions and drop shipment facilities so that we can help in a wide range of sales channels.

“Strategie en sales die jou echt iets opleveren”

We provide market insights

Would you like to acquire more knowledge about, for example, export, e-commerce or fast delivery? We have knowledge and experience that we are happy to share and can monitor products, pricing, placement and promotions.


“Kennis van de markt levert jou extra business op”

We add value and deliver on promises

We are not only able to achieve short-term objectives, but we also have an eye for longer-term objectives. We therefore ensure that we market products properly, paying attention to pricing, relationships and quality control.



“Duurzame omzet op lange termijn”

What do we stand for?

Not our words, but our actions make us stand out.

That is why we place great emphasis on the three core values of our Fairwater™ journey. 

We are reliable

A deal is a deal


We are smart

We continuously optimize


We are loyal

We assume a long-term relationship

Door onze kernwaarden na te leven dragen we onze tagline uit:

‘not your common trademark’!

Who are we?

Prettig kennis te maken!

We at Fairwater are enthusiastic and driven in finding the best retail channels for your products! Whether you want to get rid of non-selling stock, need a strategic push or are looking for a strategic partnership for a longer period of time, you have come to the right place!

Our trademark Fairwater™ ensures that we treat your products and information with the utmost respect.

Contact us without obligation and see what we can do for you.  


Sytze van Veen

Door mijn jarenlange inkoopervaring bij Superunie en Lidl heb ik veel geleerd over promotie, sourcing, sales en marketing en heb ik veel kennis van assortimentsoptimalisatie.  Ik kom graag langs om best practises te delen.

Job Meinen

Through my logistics and business education I know a lot of supply chain management, order processing and e-commerce. I would be happy to update you on the latest supply chain innovations!

Curious? Start your journey to success with us.

Fairwater is not your common trademark!


+31 6 52 62 86 63


Keizersgracht 520 1017 EK Amsterdam

Ressensestraat 48 6684 DB Ressen

“There is nothing more uncommon than common sense”

- Frank Loyd Wright & Fairwater

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