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Why do we like navigating? Because we are avid sailors and in sailing there is one thing very important to get where you’re going: navigating the right route! This is the concept we apply to all business deals as well. Whether you want your obsoletes sold within the right channels or you are looking to add sustainable revenue: we do as promised and navigate the right route for you. We regard Fairwater™ as our trademark so we treat your trademarks the same; with the utmost respect and diligence.

Read through our modus operandi and our core values below and start your journey with us.

This is why we’re not your common trademark

This is why we’re not your common trademark

Discover how we navigate to add +1 value on:

Not our words, but our actions make us stand out from the crowd.

Therefore, any Fairwater™ journey is one that starts with our Fairwater™ Trademarks.


Before anything else: we are independent. We are fair, social, and above all: reliable. Giving you the best we’ve got is our key principal.


Our worldwide network enables us to make business out of opportunities. Being Trade Navigators, we have the knowledge and skills to travel beyond the obvious and explore the unknown.

Added Value

Value is variable, but it’s something we add for all our partners. We’ll just have to discover where your added value lies…..and we will deliver.

Experiences from people who navigated new trade routes

Experiences from people who navigated new trade routes

To all brand owners, (online) retailers en traders

  • Do you have an offer we can't refuse?
  • Are you looking to improve your profit margins?
  • Looking for extra revenue?
  • Searching for sales channels you didn't know existed?
  • Want to get rid of obsoleters against fair offers?
  • In the market for a disruptive in/out promotion?

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Fairwater is not your common trademark!


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“There is nothing more uncommon than common sense”

- Frank Loyd Wright & Fairwater

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